About Pattern Release Technique (PRT)

Pattern Release Technique (PRT) is a synergistic blend of several energetic self-healing modalities that I have studied over the years.It is deeply grounded in Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and uses many of his tapping points.

By tapping your energy release points lightly with your fingers, you may clear your system of the patterns, blocks, and disruptions that were prohibiting the free flow of your own healing energy. When circulation is restored, health and well-being tend to naturally follow your newly created paths of least resistance.

It's much easier to experience than understand! It's simple, painless, quick, and effective, and once you have learned the basic technique, you can do it yourself anytime, anywhere.

During our phone session, I will teach you where to tap and what to say while you are tapping. After that, the sky is the limit, as you will be able to customize my basic template to address any additional issues of concern yourself. 

The range of subjects to which PRT can be applied is endless, but to give you some idea, here are a few of the protocols I've developed:

Parenting and Family
Wellness and Vitality

Clarity and Intuition
Finances and Abundance
Career and Professional Concerns

Painful Wanting and Longing
Feeling Stuck
Comparison and Perfectionism

Mind/Heart Balance
Anger and Resentment
PRT for Control Freaks

We can also tap for physical issues:

Injury and Accident Recovery
Chronic Pain

Joint Pain/Mobility
Immunity Boosting
Restful Sleep


Sessions last about an hour and the fee is $120.   

To schedule your session, simply email me several times that would work for you, as well as your phone number and time zone, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm which time I will call you. Zoom sessions are also available. Days, evenings, and weekends are all fine.   

If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, please try calling or texting me instead at (720) 771 8915. Sometimes my emails get lost in cyberspace, and I'd hate to miss out on working with you!

It's helpful, but not absolutely necessary, to use a headset or speakerphone during our session, so both hands are free to tap your energy release points. It would also be nice if you could have a glass of water nearby, and find a comfortable place to sit and relax during the session. You may be more comfortable if you remove your watch and/or bracelets as well.

There are infinite possibilities with this technique, so if you don't see what you are looking for here, I will be very happy to create it for you. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions!



PS:  Here are some interesting video clips from an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton that may shed some light on how and why this kind of self-healing technique is effective: http://www.thetappingsolution.com/blog/lipton/

PPS:  Here are some snippets from feedback I've received from clients:

Thank you so much for our session last week. I was pretty emotional/cried easily for a day or two after - and then I literally got a new job each day of last week after months of not getting any new work.

- GK in Denver

It felt wonderful. Since our session, I have enjoyed having a sense that my cells are holding this new message - that I am capable of making the changes I want "effortlessly." I consider myself a sceptic - holding out for solid evidence, but here I can feel the new message resonating in my thoughts but also somehow packed into some cells, and I am welcoming it because it is the message I want to give power to.

Here are changes I've seen. I felt immediately empowered with a new tool or ally but I wanted to see its staying power over time. On the occasion that I indulged in one of my self-sabotage behaviors, I saw it and felt its negativity. Afterward, I decided to just take a break - cold turkey - from these acts. This sounded like the same old attempts, but so far this has felt really different. The different part is that it feels effortless and freeing, not a struggle and an imposition. And the positive effects of the unwanted actions being gone are palpable.

-Sue in Boulder, CO

Since tapping together I have experienced a softening, a grounding,  and a new shade of surrender - release, freedom. I feel renewed in some inexplicable way. Free to move here and now, no longer stuck in the pain of what has passed. Re-connected to my heart.

I find myself re-orienting - sometimes cautiously, sometimes  boldly - to the here and now as if I've only just woken up after a long and fretful sleep. Whatever has shifted does seem to exist somewhere beyond my mind's understanding, and that might be exactly the thing - you know what I mean?   The work helped me to let go of so much of the mind's efforts to control and predict and know, and instead freed my heart to just be with that which is now.  

I find myself sometimes expecting the old sensation to return, looking for it to appear on my doorstep (though not longingly, more like superstitiously) - and yet it does not come for me. I feel sort of awed and full of wonder. And freed.  

Karen, your work is so incredibly helpful, nurturing, accessible, and easy. I found the format of the phone session completely easy to be with.  You are clear, easy to schedule with, your directions and so forth are  concise and user-friendly. You've got a good thing goin'.   :)

- Erica in Boulder, CO

The PRT session was great. I have definitely had moments to practice, and I still get frustrated, but it's like there's a built in pause now - a moment or opportunity to choose differently. Pretty cool! I'm not being controlled by the behavior now. It's a choice! I can see how PRT would help in a lot of areas of my life. Besides it's relaxing as anything... and who couldn't use that?

- Karen in CO